A sustainable 501(c)(3) non-profit project brought to Tallahassee and surrounding counties by volunteers, parents, donations and charitable giving in an effort help our children...

get outside

and experience the joy...
...of learning from nature
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Natural Outdoor Classroom

Why do we need "Grow, Play!" an outdoor classroom, anyway?

Learn how we're transforming children's lives through connections with nature.

Today's children are living with epidemic childhood obesity, a prevalence of attention difficulties, and educational systems and households facing extraordinary pressures. Multiple studies have found that children today spend significantly less time outside than previous generations. Do you agree?

Research also shows that regular time in nature has many benefits on the health and well-being of our children...

1. Facilitates better social and physical development

2. Improves fitness, motor-skills and well-being

3. Supports creativity and imaginative play

4. Inspires collaboration and reduces violence and bullying

5. Reduces stress

6. Creates feelings of empathy for nature - the first step toward developing the next generation of environmental stewards

7. Supports whole-child development and learning across the curriculum including:

  • critical thinking & problem solving
  • science
  • language & literacy
  • math
  • visual-spacial learning
  • construction & engineering skills