We can look forward to enjoying:

  • A bully-free recreational area that is accessible for those with disabilities
  • An outdoor classroom where students can come to learn
  • A safe atmosphere that provides educational opportunities
  • A place to gather with friends, classmates, and others just like you
  • Being part of this classroom and each person having a responsibility
  • Learning how to care for animals and the earth, so it will care for you
  • Enjoying socialization with all age groups, genders, races, and cultures
  • Expressing yourself through various forms of art, like dance, music, and design
  • Seeing the world from down low, up high, up-side-down, and other ways

Some fun additions will be...

  1. Growing our own vegetables and herbs
  2. Making our own compost
  3. Raising chickens and harvesting eggs
  4. Having a tree house
  5. Making our own bat & bird houses
  6. Raising worms in worm beds
  7. Having a small fish/koi pond
  8. and many other exciting, wonderful things!!
A sustainable 501(c)(3) non-profit project brought to Tallahassee and surrounding counties by volunteers, parents, donations and charitable giving in an effort help our children...

get outside

and experience the joy...
...of learning from nature

Natural Outdoor Classroom

What vision has "Grow, Play!"inspired?

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